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ly not for● half a century, as that which existed ▓then, and long after, between the I▓rish and the British. What ▓is clear in this last campaign is, that C▓romwell had little in common with those who g●overned the sister kingdom.“You ken ver●y well,” said t

he Lord Chancellor of Scotl▓and in 1645, “that Lieutenant-General C▓romwell is no friend of ours.” He knew this, a▓nd his personal and possibly religious▓

antipathies were therefore in no wise les▓sened. But with the general and steady imp▓rovement in the systematic conduct of

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war ▓that is increasingly apparent as ti▓me went on, there is evidence of● an attempt at organising a system o●f supply; an attempt that, though in a very ●sketchy and elementary way, foreshadows the h▓igher strategy that is more and more n▓oticeable as the eighteenth century grew from yo▓uth to old age. There is no dou●bt th

at in many of the battles the baggage t●rains were more considerable t▓han heretofore, and formed a●n important element in the operatio▓ns of the campaign.Instances of their p▓resence, in sufficient strength to be m▓entioned in the


contemporary● accounts, are shown both in▓ the first battle of Newbury, whe●re they were collected at Hampstead Park;● as also at Naseby, where, far in rear of Mi●ll Hill, R

upert attacked Fairfax’s baggage ▓train and its guard.Essex, ●in his march to Newbury in 1643, complains o●f the want of food and the difficulty in forag▓ing, owing to the small amount of supplies they ●could carry; and in passing5●0 through Aldbourne two ammu●nition waggons broke down, a●nd were consequently blown up.Do▓ubtless they were even then on●ly improvised from private sources, a●nd only the ordinary vehicles used in ▓the districts wh

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